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As the only company demonstrating coherent imaging range sensors with on-chip beam steering in field-deployable systems, we're opening the door to machine perception sensors that are more compact, affordable, and accessible than ever before.

We build for those dreaming up the human-centered solutions of tomorrow.


It’s time to illuminate new possibilities

  • Shrink complexity, not capability.

    We’re building highly-reliable LiDAR systems on a single semiconductor chip to accurately locate people and objects, instantaneously identify moving objects, differentiate between surfaces, and so much more.

  • Do more, spend less.

    We have a world-leading library of components and chip-building processes to easily scale production, fabricate solutions to meet a wide variety of requirements, and make machine perception affordable for any application.

  • Get the real picture.

    We believe in sharing in-depth documentation and having candid conversations about our performance, specs, product roadmap, and more — because earning your trust requires transparency.

Sense the difference

We’re not simply reducing the size and cost of LiDAR technology, we’re making it safer, more accurate, and more powerful than ever before.


Enjoy consistent, reliable performance without any interference from background lighting, bright objects, or sensors.

Determine velocity and distance everywhere in the field of view, with no compute required.

Detect people and objects faster, with richer data sets.


We’re in the process of delivering next-level perception capabilities, right out of the box.

See What They Can Do
  • Voyant Blue Development Kit

    An early-access platform that lets you verify our solutions will meet your needs, explore which operating modes will work best for your application, or create your own. Available now.

  • Voyant Blue

    The first of a whole new category of active sensors, enabled by Voyant’s LiDAR-on-a-chip platform. Blue delivers vivid 4D LiDAR data in an ultra-compact, affordable sensor module. Engineering samples available in early 2024.

Visionaries welcome

Help us enable the next generation of dreamers and creators to build objects and experiences that can change the world.

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Machine perception is within reach

Our APIs get you the most from our sensors without getting stuck in the photonic weeds. Leave the details of LiDAR to us, so you can focus on your application.