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Voyant Photonics Enhances Simulation Capabilities with NVIDIA Isaac Sim for FMCW Imaging LiDAR Sensors

NEW YORK, NY, January 8, 2024 – Voyant Photonics today announced a significant advancement in its simulation capabilities by leveraging NVIDIA  Isaac Sim powered by the NVIDIA Omniverse development platform. With this new enhancement, Voyant can now achieve comprehensive simulations for its Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) imaging LiDAR sensors, catering to diverse industries such as automotive, mobile robots, and smart infrastructure applications.

One of the notable challenges Voyant successfully addressed is the accurate modeling of the velocity of multi-segmented soft body objects. This is particularly crucial when simulating entities like humans, where limbs can move independently in various directions. Thanks to NVIDIA’s latest release of the RTX engine for NVIDIA Isaac Sim on Omniverse, Voyant can now precisely simulate the position and velocity of individual limbs, overcoming a longstanding hurdle in simulation fidelity.

Voyant’s decision to utilize NVIDIA RTX over traditional physics-based solutions significantly enhances the quality of its simulations. This technology not only improves simulation accuracy, but also allows Voyant to model complex scenarios involving dynamic, multi-segmented objects with unprecedented realism.

Moreover, the integration of NVIDIA Isaac Sim into the simulation framework enables Voyant to tap into an expansive set of models and software derived from the gaming world. This diversification of resources enhances the realism of the simulations, providing a more comprehensive and adaptable environment for testing and validating Voyant’s FMCW imaging LiDAR sensors.

New advancements with NVIDIA Isaac Sim, built on Omniverse, now enables the full modeling of Voyant’s unique FMCW imaging LiDAR to deliver instantaneous measurements of both range and velocity for every data point. This aligns the capabilities of Voyant’s innovative sensors for advanced 3D perception. “Beyond benefiting Voyant’s internal design processes, this enhanced simulator  brings an additional advantage for customers. They can now simulate results by running Voyant solutions in their own simulation environments, opening a path towards a radical increase in the adoption of our FMCW imaging LiDAR sensors. This marks a significant step forward in democratizing the use of Voyant technology, empowering customers to independently validate and optimize performance within their specific applications.

“We are confident that these advancements will not only propel Voyant’s development efforts but will also contribute to the broader adoption and integration of FMCW imaging LiDAR technology in various industries,” said Peter Stern, CEO at Voyant. “As we continue to push the boundaries of simulation capabilities, Voyant Photonics remains committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers. ”

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